What are you currently reading or have read ?

Just finished reading this unbelievable book on relationships in couples....it's all true!!! We take many things for granted in the best of relationships :)

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Just finished reading the story Mr. Harrigan's Phone included in SK's novella collection .....great story and also adapted to film that goes by the same name....a must !!

Novella containing Mr Harrigan's Phone story.jpeg
Now starting to read this underrated novel by Singer (later adapted to cinema by Paluka) ...

After about a year of reading biographies and Stephan King books, I decided I'd give this book a read.
Paul Finch's latest novel Never Seen Again ......legend has it that Tony Iommi was in the queue at the book-signing in Wigan :)

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download - 2022-12-17T131435.985.jpeg
Next on my wishlist are these babies on the great Airplane

This one on JA is fab to say the least. I met Craig Fenton on the now extinct JA forum and we have remained good friends and sincere JA fans :)

This amazing book on the making/ behind the scenes of The Shining by S. Kubrick (on Taschen) will drop on Feb 23rd 2023 and I will pre-order it soon

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These 2 books are coming in the mail pretty soon......considered by Reddit to be among the best 10 sci fi novels of the last 10 years...

About to indulge head-deep into these babies; Natalie Wood (simply Nat for us die-hard fans) is my fav all-time actress
Ever since I saw her in Rebel without a Cause alongside James Dean, I just knew I'd love her forever. She came a long way in Hollywood and her last (unfinished) movie Brainstorm with Christopher Walken in 1983 is a smash film !

I had been looking for a copy of this extremely rare sci fi book for eons! It had been published in only a few 100 copies bacl in 1947. Finally, the other week, a publisher friend of mine told me his colleague had a copied version of the original novel, somnow I'm the proud owner of a copy of a copy , but I'm not complaining :):)

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