What are you currently reading or have read ?

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is the current book I am reading now, its been a week or two since I decided to start the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham.
The Alchemist - by Paulo Coelho........for my journey in pursuit of happiness.
Next book in line....
If you saw Peter Weir's unbelievable movie based on this book, you will, like me, go straight out and get a copy of this baby and read it ! By the way, despite the fact that some so called experts have declared that Lindsay wrote this on a purely fictional basis, this REALLY happened in 19th C Australia (many don't know this, but there is a missing manuscript (last mysterious chapter, still unfound) by the author in which she allegedly explains and shows evidence of this tragic incident!!!! Until this manuscript is found, people will continue to say it's fiction.
Oh and Hanging Rock DOES exist - about 1000 Kms west of Melbourne, Victoria. I visited it many times and it actually emits a sort of primitive magic that you only feel if you are born and raised in OZ. The local Aboriginals believe there are demons / aliens in that area.
If any of you go to Australia on holiday, be sure to tell your travel agent to include an excursion to Hanging Rock .....you won't be yourself again ,(pun intended :):)).
Next book in line....when it arrives in the mail.......is on Keith Emerson.

I loved 11/22/63. I was surprised that it had some fan service for people who've read IT. It's one of his best books from his later era, along with Dr Sleep.
Stephen King never fails to deliver ! Great novel, have you seen the film adaptation ? Have you read other SK novels ?!
I'm currently reading this before I watch the film adaptation ....

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