What are your fav movies ?

I can't forget all of Tarantino's movies, he is probably the greatest/one of the greatest directors of today.
A great movie based on a novella by Stephen King starring Johnny Depp in a very twisted and menacing psychological role

All-time fav ...... Ray Harryhaussen and his stop-motion technique in cinema was a game-changer in FX....

Jason Argonauts.jpg
Will be watching this Xmas horror comedy right after dinner this evening !! :):)

download - 2022-12-18T163823.795.jpeg
These and many others are the Xmas flix I'll be watching this Xmas week.
100 best movies of all time

Variety: The 100 Best Movies of All Time: Critics' Picks.
Currently watched Clash of the Titans (original) with Rat Harryhaussen's stop-motion FXEB19810612REVIEWS101010316AR.jpgimages - 2022-12-29T022134.231.jpeg
Right now it's the ultimate robot sci fi horror flick of the moment: M3GAN....a killer movie

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