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I had noticed this page a few times during my various online searches but not bothered to read the text until just now. I’m not remotely familiar with the site in question but assume - not least from the word ‘humour’ in the URL - that it is a spoof. In the event the publication in question is genuine, however, does anyone know how much copies of this particular issue go for? Any clarifications will be greatly appreciated.

Seems to be a short lived collaboration between Gilmour, Mason and Hefner (Playboy). It ran from 88-91 and sales were poor so copies are probably rare. Who knows where you might get copies?
I really wasn’t expecting to find any and have mixed feelings about doing so. I’m really just trying to establish whether it ever really existed - of which, given the lack of information available, and the absence of any of the promised images on the site, I’m far from convinced about - and if so, what the content was like.

Has anyone actually seen a copy, or even heard of anyone who has?
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