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Pink Floyd are an English rock band formed in London in 1965. Gaining an early following as one of the first British psychedelic groups, they were distinguished by their extended compositions, sonic experimentation, philosophical lyrics and elaborate live shows. They became a leading band of the progressive rock genre, cited by some as the greatest progressive rock band of all time.

Pink Floyd were founded in 1965 by Syd Barrett (guitar, lead vocals), Nick Mason (drums), Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals), and Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals). Under Barrett's leadership, they released two charting singles and the successful debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). Guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour joined in December 1967; Barrett left in April 1968 due to deteriorating mental health. Waters became the primary lyricist and thematic leader, devising the concepts behind the band's peak success with the albums The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979). The musical film based on The Wall, Pink Floyd – The Wall (1982), won two BAFTA Awards. Pink Floyd also composed several film scores.


1963–1965: Formation
Preceding the band
1965–1967: Early years
Pink Floyd
Signing with EMI
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
1967–1978: Transition and international success
1967: Replacement of Barrett by Gilmour
A Saucerful of Secrets (1968)
Ummagumma (1969), Atom Heart Mother (1970) and Meddle (1971)
The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Wish You Were Here (1975)
Animals (1977)

Band members

Gilmour's guitar work
Sonic experimentation
oo Film scores
Live performances
Lyrical themes

Disillusionment, absence, and non-being
Exploitation and oppression
Alienation, war, and insanity


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The 50th anniversary of the release of this seminal album is a significant moment in the history of music, and a testament to its enduring influence and impact.
As one of the leading voices in heavy metal and hard rock journalism, Popoff's writing provides valuable insights into the legacy of "The Dark Side of the Moon" and its place in musical history.
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