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Past or present (or even future :):))
My fav American actress of all time is Natalie Wood, who tragically and mysteriously died in the early 80s
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My fav living American actress has gotta be Sandra Bullock.....she is the most versatile actress out there today....she can make you laugh, cry, be serious, thoughful, happy, sad all at the same time.......and she's sexy to boot :)
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Another two actresses I love are
Peggy Lipton R.I.P.)
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Katherine Waterston
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Favorite Actor is probably Clint Eastwood, especially as the mysterious man with no name guy in all those spaghetti western movies like the good the bad and the ugly.
Clint Eastwood is a slick actor and film director, no doubt. Despite this, he hasn't spaced out much from his genre (westerns, crime drama, action movies, apart from The Bridges of Madison County).
My fav actor is Vincent Price. He too didn't disconnect from the horror-thriller genre, but coming from many years in the theatre and onstage, Price managed to keep the boredom out of horror.
Can"t wait to dig my eyes into the latest movie starring Sandra Bullock - The Lost City (2022). Sandie is not new to adventure movies like this....she had starred in Fire on the Amazon which really amazed me
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There are so many favorite actresses, Emily Blunt, Margot Robbie, Melissa Benoist are some of my top favorites.
Diane Baker was real cool as the 'alien-cum-human' in The Invaders starring Roy Thinnes....

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And another one bites the proverbial dust .......they're dying like flies !!!! :(:(.
R.I.P. to an icon of cinema Racquel Welch ....the nite sly has lost yet another star and is a wee bit darker :(:(FB_IMG_1676531099168.jpg
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