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Let me first say that we are not doing this in hopes of making any money. It is a limited edition. And it is only realized when/if we have achieved the pre-orders that pay for the pressing. It's a Syd Barrett/early Pink Floyd FAN project and we choose vinyl because we think vinyl is fun and much prettier with vinyl than any other format! / Patrik (The Airwaves)

More than 20 years ago, The Airwaves (under a previous band name: Swedish WHISTLER) recorded 3 Syd Barrett covers (Wined and dined, Effervescing Elephant, Golden Hair) for a planned Syd Barrett tribute that the Swedish independent record company Rocket Number Nine Records held. For some reason the record was never realized.

The cover of "Effervescing Elephant" became, on the other hand one of the tracks on The Laughing Madcap's Syd Barrett tribute "Let's Try It Another Way" (2003) - compiled by Mark Zampino. And the short cover of "Golden Hair" became released on Nepune Pink Floyds Pink Floyd Tribute 3 CD:"The Return Of The Sons Of Neptune" (2006). The third cover "Wined And Dined" remained unreleased. But will now hopefully be released with "Nice Twins"

2006 The Airwaves as Swedish WHISTLER participated on Neptune Pink Floyds 10 hrs Pink Floyd tribute marathon concert at Komedia (Brighton,UK). The set list included "Effervescing Elephant", "See Emily Play", "Wined And Dined", "Golden Hair", "Vegetable Man", "Crying Song" & "More Blues". Many years later Stuart Avis of Neptune Pink Floyd was kind enough to send us video footage of the gig.

Unused studio recording of "Vegetable Man" also gets its first release on the intended "Nice Twins" album. And a studio recording of "Crying Song" is intended as a digital bonus track.

This is a split-vinyl together with "The Montana Musical Experiments Project".
Home for the campaign and the vinyl:

Some information about the bands:

On a not so distant shore, Alex Ahlstrand (now by different name) formed a one-man band entitled enigmatically "The Montana Musical Experiments Project". Though mainly releasing his own original songs, Alex will often hint towards, or blatantly copy the sounds and feeling of his favourite band. Alex' contribution to the "Nice Twins" project is as much a hommage as it transgresses in and out of the cover territory. Specifically with a trilogy of "original" Syd Barrett song which aren't Barrett, and yet still is. That is the strange magic of The Montana Musical Experiments Project.
Alex also design digital art under the banner "Artist on the border" whom designed this release.

Artist On The Borders animated backdrops was used for Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets 2022 Echoes tour.

The Airwaves: "Swedish music group with members Sussi Johansson (bass & vocals), Patrik Arvidsson (guitar), Stefan Wallenborg (keyboards) and Jimmy Nilsson (drums) with varying influxes of band members from previous line-ups.

In 2003, The Airwaves from Sweden made their record debut for Riverside Records with the single "Always". In 2006 the band came into contact with Clive Jones from the 70s band UK Black Widow when he heard The Airwaves cover of "See Emily Play" and liked it.

Along with some friends, he had written a tribute song to Abbatitled "Hey You Ring Me Tonight" and offered the Airwaves song because he thought the band with their two female singers maybe could sound a bit like ABBA.

2 versions followed before a third totally different version - produced by Andy La Rocque (guitarist from King Diamond) who also contributed with a closing guitar solo.

Released on vinyl album "Bitchy One" (2021). Digitally released 6 January 2023 as the first "single" of planned 3 before a new full length album called "Metal Heart" - with more unreleased song written by Clive Jones R.I.P and offered to The Airwaves.

Hope you find it of interest!

Best Regards

Patrik /The Airwaves/
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