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It's ezy as sex :) . Just dedicate any song to someone you love, hate, cherish, admire, etc !?
I'll start the dances - don't be shy :)

Dedicated to my sweet baby....I know you're looking on darling. Will be back home after know it baby ! Luv you !

Again to my sweetie .......kisses all over honey pie :):).


MERRY XMAS to my baby ......all my love to you......we both love this unwimpy Xmas tune, don't we ?!!!!

Because its christmas, I dedicate this song to the whole forum:

Love this tune ....although for some the lyrics are a reflection on love& life, it stands out as a very cool hook song with good arrangements, harmony and melody :)
I dedicate this one to my fav barista ......beautiful, sexy and very talented with cocktails you honey :):)

To my darling sweetie of my heart - I know you love this album, esp Rock Me Baby (till my back got no bone :):):)....and so do I :)

Love you honey pie ...we'll be making sweet love when I get back home tonite :):)
To 2 of the sweetest babes

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